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Living in Gorakhpur, Deoria, Basti, Sant Kabirnagar or nearby places? Would you like to transform your home into a living paradise and take its beauty to new heights? The easiest way to achieve this is to paint the walls of your home both interior and exterior with your favourite wall paint colour. Besides adorning the home, good quality wall paint also ensures protection from the damages caused by changing weather conditions, resistance to water, averting termite attacks and enhancing the durability of the surface. Different wall paint colours can affect the look and feel of a space and have different impact on the mood of a person.

Our Mission

There are different types of wall paints available for different types of surfaces for example; there are two broad categories of paint for interior walls viz. distemper and plastic emulsion that are further divided into sub categories and for exterior walls there are three categories of wall paints viz. cement paint, acrylic emulsion and textured plaster. Paints are also available for wooden and metal surfaces. This will be clearer from the list of categories mentioned below:

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