Our Services

  • Residentials

We design various residential buildings- villa bungalow apartment mix land use. Convenience, privacy, security is most prior part in our design.

And budget constraints are very carefully listened to and reflected in the work executed.

  • Interiors

Wonderful designs, creative concept and space planning, everything is kept in mind.The articles that you want or luxurious feel, that you want imbibe in your place, we do not compromise anything when it comes to designing your dream project. we successfully done modern interior, contemporary interior, minimalist interior, industrial interior, raw interior traditional interior in various projects , restaurant, flat villas, apartment, shop, office, etc.

  • Landscape

M ARC ENGINEERING SERVICES the complete solution for the clients who are looking for the guidance to increase the value of their land by enhancing the beauty of their lawns or gardens our company is satisfying the demands of clients by providing the best services of Landscape Consultancy, Execution and Development, Landscape Maintenance, Hard Landscaping, Soft Landscaping.

  • Planning

Planning is the process of thinking about an activities required to achieve a desired goal .planning predicts what the future should look like for multiple scenarios.

  • GDA Map

Gorakhpur Development Authority.

  • Vastu

Vaastu Shastra is the scientific study of directions that takes into consideration the five natural elements of the world. It aims at harnessing the positive energy from them and using them for the benefit of humans, to pave way for good health, wealth and prosperity to step in.